The need to create new alternative payment systems to traditional currencies has resulted in the emergence of cryptocurrencies, an alternative, decentralized and secure payment / investment system. For 12 years, the financial market has had to adapt to the new system, which over time has aroused the interest of global media.

This is how we come into play with The SpaceMall, with an innovative, secure and fast online shopping system, a true shopping center, where, using the most advanced technology, purchases can be made by entering virtually the stores, choosing an avatar, Choose the desired item, pay for it and enter another store, perhaps on the upper floor, up the elevator.

A new method of purchase, where you can receive the purchased item, comfortably at home. A fun system that allows us to use our cryptocurrencies within the platform.

With a few simple steps, you can have your own personal wallet, where you can load the desired cryptocurrency (choose from the ones on the list) and from that moment you can continue shopping, or simply take a tour in the mall.