A new form of INVESTMENT

In recent years the virtual world has been booming, growing continuously and exponentially. Digitization has become part of our life from the simplest to the most complicated aspect. Some things that seemed unthinkable 50 years ago today are part of our daily life.

In recent years a new system of exchange of values has been born: THE CRYPTOCURRENCY

This occurs in a decentralized system of banks, which does not have all the controls of the banking institutions; this is very interesting because it is known that the banks are the cause of the current global financial crises. The structure of this system called blockchain, has attracted a lot of attention especially among young people who are the most tech savy including online trading and speculation. This market growth has led to an increase in the value of different types of cryptocurrencies. The biggest and best known example is that of Bitcoin that increased its value exponentially after ten years from its creation.
This has led to the emergence of many cryptocurrencies. However, the real problem with cryptocurrencies is that there is no equivalent growth in the number of companies that accept transactions using these currencies.

There is no direct relationship between the amount of money that was invested in cryptocurrency and the offer of goods or services. Seeing the lack of a circuit of companies where this type of transaction was accepted, I created this platform in order to have the right technology that allows interested companies to work together. No matter where your busines is located, it can be part of our company, provided our cryptocurrency is accepted as the sole form of payment. This is what will be the launching pad for the The Space Mall.

Subsequently, this company will be joined by customers who can enter it by creating an account and a profile like in any social network. One of the main attractions will be the possibility to create an avatar with the physical characteristics chosen by the customer. With it one can explore the mall shops, going up and down the different levels and interacting with the avatars of other users that are in the same friend network.

All this will be possible at The Space Mall.